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Launched in 2007, Hulu provides advertising-supported streaming videos of films and television shows over the internet using Adobe Systems Incorporated's Flash video Player. As part of Disney's Media and Entertainment Distribution Segment, and being one of today's biggest streaming companies,  Hulu has over 50 live, on-demand channels for you to sit back and enjoy.

Hulu offers its subscribers original shows such as The Handmaid's Tale, America's Got Talent, Love Island (UK), Hell's Kitchen, American Horror Stories, HouseBroken, Master Chef, Good Morning America, and many more.

To top it all off, if you are a new customer, then Hulu provides you with a free one-month trial period to check out their subscription and choose what's best for you.

You can get the latest Hulu promo codes on the GC Coupons website and app. This way, you can never miss out on your favorite show. Additionally, with these discounts on Hulu packages and channels, you can also get offers on add-ons such as HBO. 

How to use Hulu coupon codes?

  1. Visit GC Coupons' official page and type 'Hulu' on the search bar.
  2. Browse the page and find the best coupon to match your requirement.
  3. Once you find the coupon, click on the 'Get Code' option.
  4. The link will be directed to the official Hulu page depending upon your country of residence.
  5. Browse through the website or app and select the subscription of your choice. 
  6. Add the coupon code at checkout and redeem the discount. 
  7. Make the final payment.

Customer Care Information

  • Phone Number: (888) 265-6650
  • Email Contact: support@hulu.com
  • Facebook Contact: www.facebook.com/hulusupport
  • Instagram Contact: www.instagram.com/hulu
  • Twitter Contact: www.twitter.com/hulu_support

Hulu Subscription Plans

  • Hulu - $5.99/month
  • Hulu (No Ads) - $11.99/month
  • Hulu + Live TV - $64.99/month
  • Hulu + Live TV and Ad-free - $60.99/month
  • Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ - $12.99/month

How to browse Hulu

Whether you are watching Hulu on the web or via the mobile app, the browsing system is quite simple. Here is how you can proceed:

If you are watching Hulu on the web, then select the Live TV menu on the navigation bar on the top of the screen. During playback, select the three lines icon on the lower-left section of the player bar.

If you are opting for a mobile app, then during playback, tap the exit fullscreen icon or turn your device vertically to get to fullscreen. 

Top Show at Hulu

If you are unsure about subscribing, here is a sneak peek at some of the top shows at Hulu under each category.

TV Shows - America's Got Talent, Love Island (UK), Lego Masters, UFO, The White Lotus, etc.

Movies - Every Breath You Take, Shark Tale, The Resort, Run, Parasite, The Quake, etc.

Originals - Nine Perfect Strangers, Homeroom, The Handmaid's Tale, Madagascar: A Little Wild, etc.

Networks - A&E, ABC, Adult Swim, BBC America, Bravo, etc.

Kids - Shrek, The Hardy Boys, Zeke and Luther, My Little Pony, Blippi, etc.

FX on Hulu - Reservation Dogs, American Horror Stories, DAVE, The Choe Show, etc.

Hulu Supported Devices

As a Hulu subscriber, you will be able to stream your desired content from certain devices. The below are some of the devices that support the Hulu app:

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Android TV (select models)
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Echo Show
  • Fire Tablets
  • Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • iPhones and iPads
  • LG TV (select models)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Mac and PC browsers/apps
  • PlayStation
  • Roku (select models)
  • Samsung TV (select models)
  • VIZIO SmartCast TVs
  • Xbox
  • Xfinity Flex Streaming TV Box
  • Xfinity X1 TV Boxes

Free Trial

Hulu offers a 30-day free trial on all its subscriptions. There are no hidden fees or installations involved in this process. You can switch plans or cancel your subscription altogether at any given time.

Student Discount

Hulu offers a great student discount option starting at $1.99/month only. This offer is only valid until the student enrollment status is verified. 

If you are a student, then you are eligible for this discount. All you have to do is provide Hulu with the details of your college or university and sign up for their student program. Verification will be done by Hulu, after which you will be provided with the student discount.

You can avail further discounts on this through the GC Coupons website and app.

Parental Control

Hulu offers a kid-friendly space to stream with kids' profiles. These profiles have pin protection so to make sure parents are aware of what the kids are watching. 

In order to activate pin protection, visit the official Hulu website and hover over the profile icon, and select manage profiles. Once there, turn on PIN protection to enable it. Then, enter your password and select save changes. 

In case of any concerns, contact customer care.

Switch Plans

If you are an existing Hulu subscriber and wish to switch plans, then you can easily add on directly from your account page. You can get the best discounts on add-ons from the GC Coupons website and app.

The same applies if you wish to remove any current add-on.

In case you are having trouble adding or removing certain plans, you can always contact Hulu's customer care.

Payment Options

Payment options at Hulu are available through debit and credit cards of Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover. There are also certain digital payment options available including PayPal and Venmo.

Additionally, if you have received a Hulu gift card, then you can use that as your payment method.

If you want to update your current payment method, then log into your account and click on the update payment option. Select your payment method, add all the necessary information, and click update. 

Cancellation Policy

Hulu offers a simple cancellation policy. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. If you are unsure, you can even pause your subscription for up to 12 weeks. 

In case you wish to remove certain add-ons then you can do so rather than canceling the subscription as a whole.

Pause Subscriptions

If you have some other commitments and wish to take a break from television, you can easily pause your Hulu subscription for about 12 weeks before deciding to cancel or resume it.

To temporarily pause your subscription, visit your account page, locate your subscription section, and click pause. Set the duration of your choice, the maximum of which is 12 weeks.

Once done, click submit.

The account will automatically be reactivated after the duration has expired.


Q: What is the cheapest subscription plan?

A: Hulu's cheapest subscription plan is $5.99/month.   

Q: I am not able to log into my account; what do I do?

A: If you are unable to log into your account, then please try again. If you still can't, then it could be either due to invalid login or password. 

If you forgot your password, then reset it. If you are not sure of your email id, then contact customer care to retrieve your details.

You may have to answer a few questions to confirm your identity.

Q: Does Hulu offer a free trial?

A: Yes, Hulu offers a free 30-day trial period on all its plans. You can choose among Hulu, Hulu (plus no ads), and Hulu + Live TV.

Q: Can I change my Hulu plan?

A: Yes. You can always change your Hulu plan. If you are a billed subscriber, then you can easily add or remove any plan options directly from your account page on Hulu.

Q: Where do I get Hulu Coupons?

A: You can get Hulu coupons at our official GC Coupons website and app. These coupons can help you avail up to a 50% discount on your subscription plans.

Q: Can I cancel a subscription?

A: Yes, Once placed, subscriptions at Hulu can be canceled anytime. To cancel a subscription, head over to your account page and select cancel under your subscription option. Next, you will be presented with an option to pause. Click on continue to cancel if you are not interested in pausing your subscription. Complete any on-screen prompts and your subscription will be canceled. 

Q: Is there any option for a return/refund? 

A: Unfortunately, because Hulu is a digital subscription platform, there is no option for return or refund. If anyone contacts you with a message stating the same, then contact Hulu as it might be a scam.  

Q: How do I register for a subscription?

A: To register for a subscription, click on the plan, make an account, and make the final payment. 

Q: I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?

A: If you forgot your password, click on the reset password option on the website or app. You will be required to add your email address and hit submit. Upon confirmation, change your password and add a new one.  

Q: How do I redeem a Hulu gift card?

A: If you have been gifted a Hulu gift card them click on the 'redeem a gift card' option and type your code in the bar. Your gift card will be immediately redeemed. However, please note that Hulu gift cards cannot be applied toward certain Premium Network Add-ons. These include HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. 

Q: How often are the Hulu coupon codes updated at GC Coupons? 

A: GC Coupons regularly updates its coupon codes at Hulu coupons. Whether you are looking for a new subscription or renew an existing one, just head over to the GC Coupons page and check out the latest offers. 

Q: Where do I get the latest coupon codes?

A: GC Coupons offers regular coupons and deals to help you get the best out of your subscriptions. To redeem these coupons, click on the code of your choice at the GC Coupons website or app. You will be redirected to the Hulu website or app where you can simply paste the code at checkout, or in case of deals, it will be activated on its own.

Q: Is there any referral program in Hulu?

A: Yes. Hulu has a great referral program. With every new friend that you bring in, you will receive a 30-day free trial on your existing subscription. If they opt for a 2 monthly subscription, then you will receive a 10$ gift card from Hulu.

Q: Is Hulu available offline?

A: Yes. You can download your shows on a specific device and then watch them offline. Regardless of who watches, this option is only valid if you watch on the same device as you downloaded.

Q: Who can watch pay-per-view on Hulu?

A: Subscribers who already have a subscription with The Disney Bundle or ESPN+ Add-on can purchase and watch PPV events on Hulu.

Q: How many screens does Hulu allow to watch at a time? 

A: Hulu subscribers can stream from two different screens at a time.  Account sharing is quite simple, just give your login credentials to the person who wishes to watch.

Q: Why can't I find only a few episodes of a series?

A: Hulu offers full seasons of many shows, but there might be a few of the latest shows that have only a selected number of episodes available. These are known as 'rolling' availability and this is related to streaming rights. 

Q: Why are some of my videos are missing captions/subtitles?

A: Hulu offers captions/subtitles to its videos. If you are unable to view them, kindly make sure that you have correctly enabled them in the Hulu app. 

Test some other videos to make sure it is not just the one that is not working. If this is the only video without working captions, then contact customer care regarding the same. 

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