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Washmen offers Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services in the United Arab Emirates. The Company was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE.  The services are offered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 2019, Washmen® launched its 30,000 sq ft facility in a bid to build the best operations the laundry industry has seen.

Washmen Technology

  • WetCare® technology 
    Miele’s Wetcare® technology, a recently adopted clean-tech globally but one that is only just reaching the UAE, is a patented process designed to completely mimic the mechanics of hand-washing your garment in cold water, providing the ultimate level of care possible.
    Air Dry technology 
    Unlike at any other laundry in the UAE, your items are air dried when they’re sent to Washmen®. Air-dried. There’s a reason why our mothers air dry all our clothes. Put simply, they last longer and maintain texture for 30-50% longer than when putting through machine dryers.
    Steam pressing 
    Whilst at home, and at most laundries, most people use a hot plate iron to press their clothes, Washmen® doesn’t. Using 100% steam, Washmen® ensures your clothes’ colors and textures last longer.
    Unique QR coding of every. single. item.
    Washmen® captures every visit your item makes to the facility; how many washes it has had and which of their 50+ washing programs it has been through each time, (soon) allowing you to see the history of your wardrobe with a quick scan from your smartphone.
  • RFID technology
    Each item is tagged with an RFID chip when it enters the facility. This allows its movement to be pinpointed at all times. Couple that with Oculi™ - Washmen’s proprietary network of 100+ sensor-activated cameras - and you’re able to watch your item’s journey from beginning to end.

Why do we Love about Washmen?

  • State of the Art Custom Washing Technology
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fast Delivery
  • Excellent Reviews & Ratings

Washmen Pricing


  1. Shirt - AED 5
  2. Pants - AED 9
  3. Skirt - AED 11
Clean & Press-
  1. Shirt - AED 8
  2. Suit - AED 30
  3. Dress - AED 20

Washmen Customer Care

  • Email:- customercare@washmen.com
  • Phone No:- +971 4 770 6822

Washmen employs more than 150 people and offers state of the art laundry services in the United Arab Emirates. Washmen delivers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi currently

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