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Founded in 2011 by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig after they ran a free online artificial intelligence course that drew over 160,000 students from around the world.

Today, Udacity offers over 90 programs and nearly 200 free courses on this online programs. Some of their top courses include Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science, and more.

Students are welcome to attend their free and paid programs, with paid programs having a monthly payment plan. As an added benefit, Udacity also offers scholarships to aspiring and qualified students.

All courses are offered at a discounted price with the help of coupons from GC Coupons.

How to use Udacity coupon codes?

  1. Visit GC Coupons' official page and type 'Udacity' on the search bar.
  2. Browse the page and find the best coupon to match your requirement.
  3. Once you find the coupon, click on the 'Get Code' option.
  4. The link will be directed to the official Udacity page depending upon your country of residence.
  5. Browse through the website or app and select the course of your choice. 
  6. Add the coupon code at checkout and redeem the discount. 
  7. Make the final payment.

Customer Care Information

  • Email Contact: support@udacity.com
  • Facebook Contact: www.facebook.com/udacity
  • Instagram Contact: www.instagram.com/udacity
  • Twitter Contact: www.twitter.com/udacity

Top Courses Offered at Udacity

The following are some of the top course options available at Udacity.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Business
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Science
  • Programming and Development
  • Product Management
  • Career

Udacity Paid and Free Courses

Udacity has both free as well as paid courses. Students can access paid courses for free for a period of 1-month upon registration. 

Generally, paid courses at Udacity takes about one month to complete. Free courses on the other hand range in length and depth of material. Also, free courses do not have any student support, career services, or technical mentor support. These services are only for paid students. 

Udacity Scholarship Programs

Udacity offers lifelong learning for millions of aspiring students. 

Scholarships are offered in two phases. Applicants who have been selected for either one will be notified via email.

Once received, you have around 3-5 days to submit your details. 

Visit their scholarship page to get a list of open scholarship programs.

Payment Options

Payment options at Udacity are available through debit and credit cards and PayPal. Payment packages varies from course to course, so kindly check the details prior to purchasing. 

Udacity also offers time to time coupons and discounts for its students.

Cancellation Policy

Udacity offers a simple cancellation policy. You can cancel the subscription at anytime by visiting the 'Account Setting' option and then click on the 'Cancel' on your active program.

In case of any confusion or query, contact customer care for further details: support@udacity.com.

Pausing a Program

If you wish to take a break from a program, you can pause or cancel it at anytime. You can re-purchase a subscription anytime you wish to continue. However, Udacity often updates its content so there is no guarantee that your previous content will be available, so it is advised to finish the whole course in one go.

Free Trial

Udacity offers a free 1-month trial period for all students.

To avail the free trial, visit the Udacity page and create an account by providing them with the details.


Udacity offers certificates for all its graduates. Once you complete the graduation program, you will receive the certificate which you can then take a print out of.

Jobs for Udacity Students

Students graduating from Udacity's courses have been able to successfully find jobs as web developers, UX/UI designers, software engineers, data analysts, and more. Students are provided with the latest technology skills for the highly demanded jobs available. 

Some of the best companies that hire Udacity students include Google, AT&T, and more.


Q: Are Udacity courses free?

A: Udacity does have some free courses. Visit their official website to find the Udacity free courses.

Q: Is Udacity an accredited institution?

A: No. Udacity is not an accredited institution. It is a private online educational platform that offers education to aspiring students. 

Q: Do students have to enroll in courses in a particular order?

A: No. Udacity courses do not have to be completed in any particular order. However, in order to graduate from a full program, you have to complete the course and all its requirements. 

Q: Where do I get Udacity Coupons?

A: You can get Udacity coupons at our official GC Coupons website and app. These coupons can help you avail up to a 75% discount on premium courses.

Q: Does Udacity offer refunds?  

A: Yes. Udacity offers refunds for only single paid course. Once you have completed your purchase, you have a 2-day window when you can request a refund. Once that window closes, there will be no more option for refund.

Q: How often are the Udacity coupon codes updated at GC Coupons? 

A: GC Coupons regularly updates its coupon codes at the Udacity page. Head over to our page to get the latest offers on all courses.  

Q: How do I purchase with a coupon code?

A: GC Coupons offers time to time coupons and deals from Udacity. To redeem these offers, find the one that best suits your requirement and click. Your link will be directed to the page and add the coupon code at checkout to redeem this discount.

Q: Is Udacity available offline?

A: Yes. You can avail Udacity's course offline but only through the mobile app. In order to access them, go to the course you wish to download and click the download button. 

Q: Does Udacity offer a free trial?

A: Students can now avail 1-month free trial on all of Udacity's courses.

Q: Will my subscription end if I graduate from my course?

A: Once you complete your course and all requirements associated with it, you will reach the end of your paid access period. If this is done prior to your next billing, then you won't be billed for the next month.

Q: Does Udacity offer financial aid to its students?

A: Udacity does not accept federal, state, or local aid for any of its programs. It does offer third-party sponsored scholarships which are posted on their official scholarship page. 

Q: Does Udacity offer work visa?

A: Udacity does not offer any work visa or immigration facilities to its  students, For any questions or concerns, kindly contact a lawyer. 

Q: Can I change my currency for payment?

A: Students located in certain countries can face problems with payments. If you are facing any such issues or wish to change your currency of payment, then contact customer care. A form is available on the website and request a currency change. 

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