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DataCamp is one of the world’s favorite online learning platforms that lets students and professionals learn to code easily at their own pace. The platform allows users to grow their data and AI-related skillsets by subscribing to courses such as Python, SQL, R, Azure, Alteryx, Azure, Tableau, ChatGPT, Power BI, Data Engineering, Data Science, PySpark, and more.  Three tech enthusiasts Jonathan Cornelissen, Dieter De Mesmaeker, and Martin Theuwissen founded DataCamp in 2013. Headquartered in New York, DataCamp offers numerous tech courses at affordable prices than its competitors. 

DataCamp gives customers experience with real-world projects and competitions, as well as building portfolios of data-related projects. You can find courses of different levels like Beginner, Intermediary, and Advanced. Apart from that, it allows users to choose the track such as the Career track and Skill track based on their needs. You can also find certifications including Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, SQL Associate, Power BI Data Analyst, Tableau Certified Data Analyst, and AI fundamentals.

The platform caters the courses to businesses and universities apart from individuals. Though DataCamp can be accessed for free by signing up for a Basic plan, the users will be restricted to limited resources. Hence, it is wise to purchase a subscription plan that helps in accessing the entire features and resources available in DataCamp.

GC Coupons offers the latest discount codes for DataCamp all the time. If you are about to purchase a subscription plan, you can visit the GC Coupons website or download the app to grab the exclusive DataCamp promo codes to get an extra discount on your subscription.

DataCamp Subscription Plans

The subscription is available under two categories, Learn and DataLab. Under Learn, there are four plans namely Basic, Premium, Teams, and Enterprise. Whereas in the DataLab, you can find Basic and Premium. 

DataCamp allows users to choose their subscription method either monthly or yearly depending on their requirements. 

How to Get DataCamp Premium?

  • Head to the official website of DataCamp (datacamp.com).
  • Click Pricing and choose the desired plan and subscription cycle.
  • Select Upgrade to Premium.
  • Click the Coupon Code button and paste the DataCamp discount code.
  • Next, click Apply to avail the discount.
  • Fill in the account details, and choose the payment method.
  • You will be subscribed to the Premium plan after successful payment. 

How to Apply DataCamp Voucher Codes?

  1. Visit the GC Coupons website.
  2. Head to the DataCamp store page. You can find the hot discount codes and offers.
  3. Choose the desired one and click Get Code.
  4. Now, you will be taken to the DataCamp website.
  5. Select the plan and go to checkout.
  6. Paste and apply the DataCamp coupon code. 
  7. Complete the payment to start learning your new course using the Premium plan. 

Customer Care Information

  • Customer Care Support: https://support.datacamp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  • Facebook Support: www.facebook.com/datacampinc/
  • Twitter Support: www.twitter.com/datacamp
  • Instagram Support: www.instagram.com/datacamp/

Payment Options

Currently, DataCamp supports payments via debit and credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 


Q: Does DataCamp offer tutorials?

A: Yes, DataCamp offers tutorials for free to users.

Q: Can I upgrade my subscription plan on DataCamp?

A: Yes, DataCamp allows users to upgrade their subscription plans anytime by contacting the support.

Q: Does DataCamp include a free trial on premium plans?

A: Unfortunately, no. DataCamp doesn’t offer a free trial on premium plans to users.

Q: Where I can find the exclusive discount codes and offers for DataCamp?

A: You can find the exclusive discount codes and offers for DataCamp on the GC Coupons website. 

Q: What is the validity of DataCamp discount codes?

A: You can notice the validity of all DataCamp discount codes in the description box. The codes will be valid until it is available on the store page.

Q: How to contact the DataCamp Customer Support team?

A: You can contact the DataCamp Customer Support team through the live chat or by submitting a ticket using forms on the website. 

Q: Does DataCamp offer discounts for students?

A: DataCamp provides discounts occasionally to students. You can check the GC Coupons website to learn about the most recent offers on DataCamp.

Q: Is it possible to avail refund on DataCamp?

A: Unfortunately, DataCamp doesn’t offer refunds to customers.

Q: Does DataCamp provide courses for Machine Learning? 

A: Yes, DataCamp has included Machine Learning under the list of Data Courses for users.

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